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Maintenance instructions

Become friends with felt!

Wool is a pleasant and appreciative material, as if created for the Estonian climate: it stays cool in summer and offers warmth in winter.

Wool is self-cleaning, it doesn’t need to be washed very often. Stains and dirt can be successfully be wiped off with a damp cloth. Sometimes, however, items made of felt need washing, do it by hand with 40-degree water, mold the work while it’s wet and dry in an airy warm place. When pressing with an iron, choose a medium heat and be sure to iron through a damp cloth.

If a headgear or garment made of felt gets wet when worn, simply wipe off the snow or raindrops by hand and leave the item to dry, as this maintains the shape of the felt. If You want to increase the lifespan of felt, Whipping felt with snow in the winter, also cool and dry airing outdoors adds lifespan to it.

Become friends with felt!