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I have been involved in felting for over 25 years. During this time, I have improved my skills under the guidance of several masters, participated in exhibitions and festivals, taught those who are interested. I like the world of felt.

I founded Vildiveski OÜ under the brand name FeltMill in 2007. An exciting hobby has become my job. Felt is an ancient material, with the earliest archaeological records of it going back to 6500 – 6300 BC in Turkish territories. Felt is human-friendly, this material suitable for Nordic countries gives quite different end results. Combining wool with other fibers creates interesting textures and surfaces, felted fabric can be strong and rough, but also light as a feather and transparent. As the hostess of FeltMill, I have the opportunity to work in this warm and picturesque world of felt on a daily basis, constantly discovering new techniques and creating works of felt.

I am the co-author of two felt books:

  • “Viltimine”, Maaja Kalle, Liina Veskimägi-Iliste, 2006, Saarakiri
  • “Taasleitud vilt”, Liisa Kallam, Liisa Tomasberg, Liina Veskimägi-Iliste, 2010, Ajakirjade Kirjastus